Wreck of the Zenobia - Larnaca

Wreck of the Zenobia - Larnaca - Car Hire Cyprus

It arrived at Larnaca harbour on 2nd of June 1980, where the ballast problem had reoccurred, engineers discovered that the computerised pumping system was pumping excess water into the side ballast tanks, making the list progressively worse. On 4th of June, the Zenobia was towed out of Larnaca harbour to prevent her becoming an obstruction should the worst happen and was left at anchor roughly 1.5 – 2 km offshore. On 5th of June, with the ship listing at 

around 45° the captain dismissed the engineers and maintenance crew and any requests from the captain to return her to Larnaca harbour were denied. At around 2:30am 7th of June 1980, the Zenobia capsized and sank in Larnaca Bay to a depth of roughly 42 metres (138 ft), taking her estimated £200 million worth of cargo with her. According to locals, the Zenobia's owners never collected the insurance money and no formal investigation has ever been published. Since sinking it has become a popular dive site for visitors to Cyprus and was named one of the world's top ten dive sites by The Times in March 2003. There were no casualties in the disaster.

As a dive site, the Zenobia provides a wide range of challenges to scuba divers, from a fairly simple dive to 16 metres (52 ft) depth along the starboard side of the ship (suitable for newly qualified divers); moving up to a more advanced dive inside the upper car deck and accommodation block, right up to extremely adventurous dives within the lower car deck or the engine room (which are only suitable for very experienced divers).


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